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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chapter 9 has begun!
We have begun Chapter 9 today. Chapter 9's "big idea" is Probability. Here is a list of Chapter 9's lessons.
9-1  Simple Events
9-2  Sample Spaces
9-3  Fundamental Counting Principle
9-4  Permutations
9-5  Combinations
9-6  "Act It Out"
9-7  Theoretical & Experimental Probability
9-8  Compound Events

If your child needs extra help, I stay after school until 3 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday, and on Thursdays I hold our "Homework Help" time until 4 pm.

You will be getting a note sent home from school soon showing you how to schedule your April Parent-Teacher conferences online! Each teacher has set up a "" page. Look for the links to the teachers that you want to meet with.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring (2014)! We've had one rough winter! I got 9 inches of snow this past Monday! Feels like I live in Alaska instead of South Jersey! 
Well we are coming to the end of Chapter 8. Chapter 8 is all about Statistics. Specifically analyzing data. Mean, median, mode, range, surveys, and graphs have filled our days for the past couple weeks. I am currently predicting that the Chapter 8 test will be this Tuesday (3/25/14). Students are allowed to have one page of "notes" filled with important information we've learned in Chapter 8. They may use this page on our upcoming test! Please also have your child review their Chapter 8 Student-Built Glossary. Many students have not studied their glossaries and have ended up with lower test grades. 
Middle Township is going "high tech" this year for conferences! I will soon be posting a link on my website for you to set up a conference with me for April's Parent/Teacher Conferences. Keep watching my site for this link at
If you have ANY questions for me,  please email me at

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chapter 7 is almost finished! We will be testing this chapter on Friday. Please help your child prepare. We covered the Percent Equation, the Percent Proportion, Percent of Change, Sales Tax, Discounts, and tomorrow we will close the chapter with Simple Interest.

If your child is unable to complete any of my online videos and questions, ( please send in a note. I will then allow them to complete the assignment in my room at the beginning of class on one of my spare laptops.

On a TOTALLY random closing note.....Did you know that the U.S.A. is one of only 3 countries that still use the "Customary Measurement System"? Every one else is using the Metric System (grams, meters, liters). I really wish we would switch over! Once you get used to it, you find it makes much more sense than the feet inches, yards, miles, pounds, ounces, cups, pints, and quarts that we currently use.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 - Happy New Year! - 2014

Goodbye Chapter 5! Hello Chapter 6!

We took our Chapter 5 test on Friday. It covered adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with fractions and mixed numbers. We are now moving into Chapter 6. Chapter 6 is all about ratios (3 apples to 4 bananas) and rates (32 miles per gallon). 
As always, I am available until 4:00 on Thursdays and 3:00 every other day after school. Please feel free to take advantage of this so that I can help you with whatever specific questions you may have.
Mr. Z.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chapter 5 & Christmas Break!

Happy December everyone! We have finished the Chapter 4 test and started Chapter 5! Chapter 5's focus is on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. You can check out all of my Chapter 5 videos at my YouTube page. 

As a reminder, I am available for students every day after school from 2:20 to 3:00. Students who want to stay will just need to be picked up by 3:05. I also stay until 4:00 every Thursday! This is part of the the 7th grade team's "Homework Help" time. Mr. Rhile stays on Mondays, Ms. Rubcich stays on Tuesdays, & Mr. Handley stays on Wednesdays. There is no Homework Help time on Fridays.

I hope everyone has a blessed holiday. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! 
Monday and Tuesday will be spent reviewing Chapter 4,
and then we will start the Chapter 4 test on Wednesday.

Here is the 7th Grade Team on our Bowling Incentive Trip for all students who either maintained an A/B average or were able to raise at least one grade "2 levels". (Like a C- to a C+)

This Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is Parent/Teacher Conferences. I am looking forward to seeing/meeting many of you over these three days.

Here are some other upcoming events to add to your calendar!

12/6 - Teacher Professional Development Day.
12/6 - Middle Township Christmas Parade
12/10 - Band Concert
12/11 - Choir Concert
12/19 or 20 - 7th Grade - Elaine's Theater, Cape May

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How is it already October? The weather lately has been as warm as June, July, and August!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

The Chapter 2 test is currently scheduled for Wednesday, October 16th.  Students, please start reviewing for this assessment. Look over your class notes, worksheets, foldable, glossary, my Chapter 2 videos, and your class & homework.

Chapter 2 is all about Integers. We are adding, subtracting, multiplying, & dividing Integers. We have been solving problems involving Absolute Value and plotting points on the Coordinate Plane.

So far the "Flipped Classroom" strategy has been well received by my students and many parents. It's so nice knowing how well my students understand that day's concept(s) BEFORE they even walk in my classroom! For more information, check out my page at

Feel free to contact me at with any questions.

My daughter, Sarah, and me enjoying a meal together.